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Start selling everywhere and in every language


Welcome to SigmaCommerce, the e-commerce platform that will help you to develop your brand online.

In mathematics sigma means more or add. Well, SigmaCommerce is more than an e-commerce solution, it helps you selling your products by giving you a beautiful online store with an easy to use Backoffice, but also allows you to sell directly trough social media and translating all of your content instantly to your customer's language.

Sell faster by being where your customers are

Search engines and social media fully integrated with SigmaCommerce

Turn searches into profit

Google Merchant Center is a feature that allows your business to sell products directly on Google.

The idea is simple. Someone searches on Google for a product that you have on your inventory and the result is the product itself with the purchase option ready to be clicked. Despite of being a Google's ad feature, SigmaCommerce allows you to fully syncronize every single product with your Google Ads account.

Sell your products in any language

Automated translation of every single content on your online store

An online store available in any language

Enjoy this amazing feature. Regardless of your customer's location, your online store will be available to him trough the automated translation, making it easier to sell your products.

Your own content is automatically translated

Even the content that you create is translated! That is right, everything that you type is automatically translated to your customer's language, so a sweater can also be a camisola, camisón or chemise.

Automated currency's conversion

Every price is converted to yours customer's currency, and you have the power to determine the percentage of that conversion.

Everything you need to grow your sales

Simple features that can make your business grow faster

Performance Reports

Get access to more than 50 performance reports and take the necessary decisions from them.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Every time that a client doesn't finish a purchase on your online store, you will be notified.

Electronic Invoice

With SigmaCommerce you can send all the invoices necessary to all of your customers with a few clicks.

Hosting 24/7

Our high performance servers will prevent that your online store goes down and turn unavailable for your clients.

Responsive Design

This amazing tool is designed to fit all screens, from a big TV screen to your smartphone.


Use HTML5 and CSS3 to customize the templates in order to get closer to your brand identity.